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  4. Friday, 07 February 2020
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Don Mascarella got an OpenSpot 2 to cross-link digital modes without having to buy additional radios. His text messages made it sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Around here, all my local repeaters are on D-STAR or DMR but I only have radios that do C4FM System Fusion since the audio is superior. However, I'm not going to buy other radios because... I already have too many radios. I'm looking to do more with less, not collect expensive radios.

This leads me to the SharkRF OpenSpot 3. It allows me to take my current radio and transform it into any other digital radio.

For those who don't do digital stuff, it's neat and you should look into it. From better audio quality to being able to connect your radio to the internet and talk in worldwide digital chatrooms, digital is great for many things. Sure, if we don't have cell signal, digital modes will only enhance voice and data between radios (like showing your call signs and how far away you are from one another). Most of the time, we have cell or internet coverage and thus, having a chat room, would let us communicate with our entire group across Wisconsin daily.. we'd have the 4x4 chat room right from our radios... all day every day.

Our event repeater also does system fusion and will auto adjust from digital to analog transmissions automatically, which was the feature that made it useable for just about everyone.

So this thing saves you from needing more radio crap, yet allows you to connect to just about anything. It also allows APRS to send and receive. Let's talk about this here! Do you have one? Questions? Comments?
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Full review from our fellow Jeeper!

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