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  4. Friday, 12 April 2019
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The Road Legal 4WD Association runs as a 501(c3) non-profit domiciled in the state of Wisconsin of the United States of America. 

Current officers - All RL4WDA officers are volunteers. RL4WDA does not have any paid employees. 

Ryan Harden - President (voting rights only to break a tie)

Doug Richter - Vice President 

Tammy Scovronski - Secretary 

Michele Chuvan - Treasurer 

1/26/2020 Member Meeting Audio Link: 


Wisconsin Registration Link running as a 501(c3) non-profit. Until the IRS filings are finished, we cannot complete further WI charity paperwork. When we do, it'll be linked here. ETA filing is the Summer of 2020. The IRS deadline to file the 501c(3) is August 2020 for us to retroactively go back to the date of filing. 

IRS 501(c3) Link - We have our EIN registered as a non-profit 501 6/27/2018. The IRS allocates 27 months from the date of inception to file the (c3) portion of the non-profit. This is in the process of being done.  

Financial reports are given out at each annual meeting and reported as required by law. Annual reports can be requested in writing by members otherwise. We'll also try and have PDF reports available in the group pages under files. 

Before we registered as the Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Association, we were registered as Wrangler Riders (Sheboygan) and Wrangler Riders Allenton. Wrangler Riders ran until Dec. 31st, 2018 when we then switched over to Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Association. Wrangler Riders is now run as a DBA of RL4WDA to avoid excessive filings and fees. On annual reports, Wrangler Riders is listed as a segregated account for SEWI trail efforts. Links to each of the non-profit clubs are above for archival purposes. The final paperwork for Wrangler Riders Allenton was filed 10/18. Final Wrangler Riders paperwork filed 4/19. While RL4WD retains the logo rights, If a local group of members wishes to restart Wrangler Riders as it's own entity, we've cleared the name to do so. If it's run as a chapter of RL4WDA, the advisory board will vote to allocate the segregated Wrangler Rider fund as seed money to help restart this. 

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1/26/2020 Member Meeting Audio Link:
Going forward, we'll be recording audio meetings with a dedicated recorder, not a GoPro which can't handle recording hours worth of meetings at a time.
Tammy Scovronski is working on the written minutes based on what we have here in the audio file. We'll add those here when she's done.
Agenda attached for records as well.
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