May Tigerton Trail Ambassador Field Day for Division 1, 2, and 3. An online Trail Ambassador course must be done prior t...

May Tigerton Trail Ambassador Field Day for Division 1, 2, and 3. An online Trail Ambassador course must be done prior to this event. When you pay for the class, you'll get instructions on how to complete the online study guide.

RSVP for this class - If you wish to become both a Trail Ambassador and Trail Guide, you'll need to pay for both classes and we've created a discount package for that here - that'll include your vest, shirt, hat, and credentials along with admission to both programs. You'll need to have experience wheeling before becoming a Trail Guide though so be sure you're comfortable with that before signing up. 

Volunteering as a Trail Ambassador helps us keep and expand 4x4 trails and riding opportunities. This Trail Ambassador class involves a morning classroom session and afternoon hands-on skills session. Trail Ambassadors are needed to report trail conditions, help people out on the trails, and to host small rides at our private and public trail areas.

Optional ride Friday night for those interested.

Saturday meeting in the parking to begin practicing what you've learned and start the skills check. 

Sunday, additional training among the group can be done, but Ryan will be focused on training the Trail Guide class. 

Please RSVP your RV, or tent space​ online or just come for the day of the class. 

Ticket fees are for the background check, Trail Ambassador integration, membership card reprint with TGA info, TGA vests, and future RL4WD discounted memberships. You’ll get a 2-year extension on your RL4WD membership ($100+ dollar value). Our aim is to give you more value than the cost of the class.

For the background checks, we look for things like recent violent crimes, sexual misconduct, OWI’s/DWI’s etc. We understand people have a past and that things done in your youth don’t represent who you are now many years later. If you want to talk about something in your background check, please feel free to contact Ryan Harden before paying for this event 920-694-1884.

This class certifies you as a Division 2 RL4WD Trail Ambassador through our program here at the office. We are a recognized group within the WI DNR, DOT, Tourism, along with many other local, state, and federal agencies. The class will also work for Divisions 1 (ATV/UTV) and 3 (Motorcycle) but ATV / OHM folks are required to fist pass the DNR safety test here if born after 1988 for ATV and 1997 for OHM - 

Cost: $100 per person (new vests now go up to 5XL and have 3 colors)

Items you need:

Your Rig in good working order according to:

Fire Extinguisher

First Aid Kit

Tow Strap

Front and Rear Recovery Points

GMRS Family Talk Radio / Ham Radio (2m) (HAM is best, GMRS 2nd best) I may not even have a CB for this class.

Please bring snacks and water/drinks and be sure to ask any questions you may have below.

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