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We've been talking about a haunted ride for the past year but haven't been able to figure it out yet. This year we should have enough monsters to make it work!

Volunteers will be able to camp Friday - Sunday with cabins, dorm and camping being available.

This is a members-only event where we open a trail course that members follow through the woods... in the dark... at night. Throughout the wooded ride adventure, you'll experience monsters, Scary Halloween displays in the woods and things that go bump in the night! Can you survive this scary adventure?

2-4pm There will be a "lights on" version before dark so you can bring the kiddos. It'll still be scary, but not as bad.

5pm Volunteer supper in the lodge

6pm - 9pm Nightmare Crawl (Adults)

We'll have an FM broadcast of spooky music and sound bites of the story theme. There will also be an optional quest to help save the camp!

The story will be released in parts beginning in summer and ending with how our members can save the camp. Come for the ride or the quest, everything is totally optional.

You'll need to have a working flashlight and the displays may be off the trail (for safety). Bring warm clothing, over the ankle boots and layers.

The night ride will experience flashing lights, loud sounds, possible pyrotechnics, possible blanks and more. If you just want to ride and not be scared, join us for the fall rides the weeks before this event. If you want to experience something unlike anything ever done before, then come to this event!

Volunteers please PM Ryan Harden to coordinate decoration, monsters and more. Ryan has a lot of monster costumes and props for this exciting event but your ideas and help are very welcome! We aim to make this an annual attraction for our members.

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