Making sure your rig is ready for the trail is a crucial element in reducing risk. Each trail ride, your certified Trail Guide Ambassadors will require you to look over your vehicle. It is the drivers responsibility to make sure everything on their rig is in proper working order, if a Trail Guide or another driver identifies something on a vehicle that could be a cause of possible risk while on the ride, a driver may be asked to no longer participate. 

Our intent is to host quality, family-friendly events where everyone has fun and works together. We're not out here to wreck your vehicle or put you or your rig at risk. If you are not comfortable with something out on the trail, it is your responsibility to find a different line, trail or to turn around. Trail Guides, while knowledgeable, are not responsible for your vehicle or your passengers. With many rides being done every weekend, it's important for all of us to take safety seriously so we can all hit the trails again and again. 

Why a waiver?

The Road Legal 4WD Association works with many landowners and as such, many of them require our chapters to carry a landowner liability policy. Without this policy, we wouldn't have very many private trails or even public events that require said insurance. The carriers we work with for this very special type of policy require that everyone who enjoys the trails with us sign a waiver releasing folks from liability. Insurance is a major key to keep programs like ours alive and we're very fortunate to have secured the needed protections to keep trails and events going year after year. 

For your convenience, we've attached both waivers so you can review and print these for events. We ask that if you get them signed without a Trail Guide as a witness, to do it in front of a notary public (available at most banks some government buildings). 

Legal Guardian and Minors

Youth who wish to join us at events must have a minor waiver signed by the legal parent(s) or guardian. A signature from a friend, parents friend, or a permission note will not be accepted. If you plan to bring youth that are not yours, print this waiver in color (both pages) and have the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) sign this with a notary public (we'll look for the stamp). If the minor waiver is not filled out correctly, you'll be asked to leave. 


If you have any questions, please post your comments below and we'll be here to answer them. Thank you for your cooperation!



Minor Waiver Below, again print in color! 



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never mind I figured it out.....I lack computer skills lol

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