New to trail riding? Want to lean how to ride on trails and crawl obstacles? This event is designed for new 4x4 trail ri...

New to trail riding? Want to lean how to ride on trails and crawl obstacles? This event is designed for new 4x4 trail riders that are premium members. If you're not a premium member yet, please join here first so we can send your name badge, membership shirt, and swag. 


Tickets at - 

Enjoy level 3 through 6 crawling trails over 200 acres! We have 3 rock gardens, multiple hill trails, 2 log crawls, and a small tire crawl. Must bring your valid membership badge. One premium member must be in each rig before being allowed on the trails. The event capped at 35 rigs for your safety and less waiting in lines.

Download the print and GPS trail maps at -

Earlybird registration is only $45 per rig (not per person) for the weekend or day of riding and it helps us build more trails and signs to keep things growing in Wisconsin!

Please save your receipt as your entry ticket.

*** On-site registration is $75 per rig. Save the hassle and register early!!!

This event is rain or shine.

*** Friendly dogs on leashes are welcome!*** Be sure your dog is not barking if they are left in a cabin or during sleeping times.

Rig fee does not include food, drinks or lodging/camping.

To rent a cabin or camping spot, please contact Sarah Nelson, the Camp Sinawa Ranger at - (920) 827-6811.

Required Items: Fire extinguisher, tow rope and tree saver (no metal hooks), cb (channel 16) or 2M HAM radio.

Event fees go towards permits, insurance, site fees and to pay for more trail development. Some of this is offset in the membership fees which is why these events aren't $200-$900 per vehicle or more like some promoters charge. Be sure to bring warm clothing, fire starters, food, drinks, etc.

Some love to grill out and make food, others like to go into town and sit down to dinner.

Itinerary: Friday night will include a social hour around the campfire. Social distancing guidelines will need to be followed. A night ride is not anticipated, we'd rather spend time talking about riding and trail safety in a social and relaxed environment. 

Saturday - We'll meet in the parking lot area. Look for all the rigs.


Check-in - 8:30am - 9:30am 10am - 10pm Split into small groups (stock to stacked or by experience) and enjoy trail riding! Groups can stop at any time for breaks and to eat either on the trail or in the dorm. The fire pit by the lodge will be lit in the late afternoon.

Some groups will head to The Smiling Moose (RL4WD business member!!!), Meats (St. Nazianz) some may hit Dizzy's in Valders for dinner or just camp out and eat on site. We'll grill over the fire and enjoy otherwise.

If you plan on doing the night rides, do not drink alcohol. We have a strict no drinking and riding policy. Groups will need at least one Trail Ambassador or an approved experienced rider who's been at the location before with their group before being allowed on the trails.

Your rig must be in 4 low the entire time you're on the trails (5mph or less). Stay on the trails. Watch for one way trail signs. Download the trail map or grab the printed maps on site.

The beach will not be open. Do not go down by the boathouse.

We'll have an air station on-site to fill tires and a power washer to clean your vehicle (prevents the spread of invasive species) for use at no cost and we'll bring it down to the clear sky camp Saturday.

We're here to relax, ride, have fun, and enjoy each other's company. Feel free to bring lawn games, kids, dogs etc. Do not leave the fire pits unattended ever.

Again, no drinking and riding. Ever. If you have a stock vehicle, make sure it has tow points on the front and rear. Stock rig will have a hard time on some of these trails and if it's muddy, we will not likely run the big hill trails for your safety.

Bring valid proof of vehicle insurance. It will be checked. The vehicle must be licensed with valid registration. Please fill out the rig form and waiver, print it and bring it along here - If there are any questions, please let us know below!

Social Distancing will be observed. If you're sick, please stay home, you'll be refunded. 

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