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Join us for the first weekend of Tigerton being open! Camping, riding, and rock crawling adventures at this 500+ acre pa...

Join us for the first weekend of Tigerton being open! Camping, riding, and rock crawling adventures at this 500+ acre park. Many of these trails are tight and over level 5 so stock rigs have possible damage if attempting trails beyond your ability or your rigs capabilities. 

Be advised if the state mandates virus restrictions past April, this event may be postponed. You are expected to practice social distancing and never be socializing in groups more than 10 people in any one place. We want everyone to be safe. If you're sick, STAY HOME or you may not be allowed to enter the park. 

This is opening weekend for all users and all vehicles. It will be crowded and filled with 4x4, ATV's UTV's and Motorcycles. Expect to pull over a lot for faster traffic. 

The park charges $20 per per day for full-sized 4x4s. We no longer charge for this event as we helped make this a public 4x4 park. This is available for members and non-members.

$25-35 per night for camping. If you want to toss a few bucks in the jar, go to https://rl4wd.com/donate and we'll send you swag or bring it with us to the event. We may also have custom shirts for sale on site. 

To RSVP https://www.tigertonwi.com/reservations or call the park at 715-535-2169 or email tigertonatvpark@frontiernet.net. Most of our group is camping around site 45 area.

The park features a nice sign in area, showers, bathrooms, fire pits, camping, wash station, parking for the big rigs and more! 

We've proven to be a valuable recreation to this park, now we need to show them that we can coexist with the ATV's. Don't screw this up or we won't be invited back!  We must prove to the village that this is a viable option. We want to promote a local chapter starting in this area to assist the park and town with RL4WD events. We'll continue to host events at this location until a local chapter can take over. 

Rigs Must be licensed for road use and pass inspection. Must have vehicle insurance. Must have one valid RL4WD member in each rig at all times. 40" Tires or less unless otherwise approved.

Long wheelbase trucks may not be able to make the turns around many of the interior trails. 

Registration will be at the main building as you drive in. Our Trail Ambassadors will be on site to assist the park in doing vehicle inspections. 

Trail Maps and Trails are Here - https://rl4wd.com/directory/businesses/on-trail/embarrassriveratvpark 

This 528 Acre park has been in operation as an ATV park and campground since 1998. We've been involved in the development of this park over on the ATV and UTV sides.

This area is very rocky and you'll enjoy beautifully designed crawling trails, some of which are right next to the Embarrass River and the small falls. Excellent opportunities for pictures and videos with your rig! The park is actively building more crawling trails out of rocks to keep the trails sustainable for may years of RL4WD use. 

We'll have all the trails signed and difficulties marked for you. Trails are directional so pay attention to what way the trail is going on what days. This one-way trail system is in place because there are many trails you can't pass on.  

Please stay on the trails. We'll do our best to ribbon off mud areas that were not designed to be maintained. That being said, there are some below ground plane areas (aka mud areas) but they will most likely have a rock base and are sustainable. Again, please please please do not go off the trail into a swamp or mud area, only ride in areas on the map. 

The perimeter trail is the tamest trail that connects all the other trails. All stock vehicles should have no problem on this trail. Please pay attention to the signs and levels. Some trails in this park are not advised for beginner drivers or non-lifted machines. Severe vehicle damage or injury could result if you try something beyond your skill or vehicle level. 

Safety Rules - 

Everyone must sign a waiver. You'll be given a wristband that you'll need to present at the Tech Inspection Shelter just before the bridge entering the trail area. 

All rigs need to have tow points front and rear. All vehicles will be inspected and it's your responsibility that breaks, throttle, suspension, lights and electrical systems are in perfect working order. If the safety inspectors suspect your vehicle isn't safe, you will not be allowed on the trails. Period. Exhaust must be quiet and the speed limit on the trails is 10mph but your average speed is going to usually be 1-3 mph. 

A current ABC Automotive fire extinguisher is required in all rigs. It must be securely fastened and should be within reach of the driver.  

All gear in your rig should also be secured so it can't shift on hills. This will be checked at tech inspection. Some of these grades exceed 25° so this is very important. 

Seatbelts are required at all times for all participants. If you have people in your rig that are not belted in. You will be asked to leave without refund. Period. There will be both Division 1 and Division 2 Trail Ambassadors on site and maybe even law enforcement to aid with safety and such. 

If we see pictures of people not wearing belts post-event, your membership will be void and you'll be banned from further events. Yes, this is a serious thing, do not take this lightly. Your safety is our top concern! 

Do not take your rig in the river. This should be pretty obvious. The current in the Embarrass river is very strong in many areas. It is not advised to swim in the river either. No lifeguard is on duty. 

If a hill looks too steep, it probably is. If the obstacle looks too large to drive on, it probably is. Trust your judgment and don't take chances. Don't allow peer pressure to make you do something you're not comfortable doing. We are a group that strongly believes in family-friendly fun and we understand that everyone starts somewhere. Under no circumstances shall riders bully other riders or shun them. We're here to build a riding community together! Trail Ambassadors are here to help you through something but it's always up to the driver to inspect and navigate, Trail Ambassadors are not responsible for your actions. 

No Alcohol is allowed on the trails. Period. Not for drivers, not for passengers. Alcohol and riding do not mix. Anyone suspected of drinking will be asked to take an on-site breathalyzer or we'll call law enforcement to aid. Again, don't screw with this rule, it's for the safety and image of our entire group. 

Any emergencies please dial 911! Otherwise, police department Mike Weatherwax Shawano Sheriff Dept. - 715-526-3111

Not sure how deep some water on the trail is? Get out and take a stick from the ground and poke in it. This allows you to know if the bottom is soft or hard. any of these areas also have bypasses, some don't. Do not play in the ATV mud areas, your rig will make it impossible for the ATV's to make it through. 

Media - We highly encourage taking pictures and videos to share with your friends and family! BUT we ask that you do so carefully and ethically. Don't post pictures of rigs doing things that would shut down the trails. Also, be sure to disclose that this park is not open to RL4WD use except for special events only so there isn't any confusion. 

Campsites should mind their volume and generator noise. 10pm is quiet time. Please keep fires to a manageable level and you'll get a $5 coupon for firewood that's sold on site if you get a campsite. Do not drink and drive even if it's at the campsite. If you're going to have some drinks, walk, don't drive. 

Please have flashlights for night time walking as the park is very dark in some areas. 

Police your tobacco butts. Don't toss them on the trail or in the campground. 

If you see any trash on the trail, pick it up and collect it. 

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