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Sinawa is in need of fall brushing, rock placement, trail grooming, and water drainage. This weekend we'll attempt to do...

Sinawa is in need of fall brushing, rock placement, trail grooming, and water drainage. This weekend we'll attempt to do a lot of brushing and fixing before our November run. 

This is a free volunteer event (obviously) for all premium members who wish to volunteer. This is not open to the public or free profile members. 

You'll get the 2019 trail work badge on your profile for coming and helping at this event. 

You do not have to come for the entire weekend. Show up Saturday or Sunday morning if you want but try and be at the camp by 9:30am as we start work. 

Ham radios will be on 446.000 MHz on UHF and 146.460 MHz VHF simplex. 

CB's will be on channel 16. 

Camping: If you want to camp overnight in a cabin, please contact Sara at the camp to arrange it https://campsinawa.com/contact-us/. Otherwise, we'll be camped via tents and campers in the grassy area on the west side of the camp (Clearsky Camp).


Friday night: Campfire in Ckearsky Camp will begin around 7pm. Enjoy friendships and laughs around the fire before we begin work Saturday morning.

Saturday: 9:30am break into teams. 

Team 1: Brush Wild Rose Trail. 

Team 2: Brush the last skidder trail just east of Pucker Pass (Ryan will lead this group). 

Lunch: 12 Noon until 1pm

Afternoon session

Team 1: Brush Second Sister, campsite, and Lohry's Legend trails. 

Team 2: Continue working on the new trail section. If finished early, join team 1. 

If both teams finish objectives, begin working on draining water areas on the perimeter trail by digging draining lines.

Supper will be done at dusk. We usually clean up and go out for dinner on the first day. We'll hit the Smiling Moose around dark. 

Sunday: 9:30am break into teams. 

Team 1:  Begin placement of posts at intersections for signage.

Team 2: Place signs on posts. 

Possible Team 3: If Dick can make it with the Skid Steer on Sunday, a 3rd team will be formed to drive the dump trailer to take rocks from Clearsky and place them in the washouts leading to the tall oak log crawl, that entire trail could be lined with a rock base. 

Safety: Please bring lots of water and some snacks. Wear layers so as you start to warm up, you can shed some layers. All teams must have at least two people in them with a radio at all times. Try and keep a radio within ears listen at all times. Do not overexert yourself or try and move heavy objects. Use teamwork! 

Chainsaws: Only the owner of the saw should operate it and you're required to have saw chaps, helmet, eye, and ear protection. Do not cut down any trees, saws are used to cut downed trees to either the log crawl or parking lot for firewood. If the tree is fresh/wet, bring it to the log crawl. If it's dry, bring it to the parking lot for firewood processing. 

This is not a play event. We gotta be working on those trails. This has never been an issue with our group but just tossing it out there. 

Equipment: Bring things to brush with. Here are some suggestions - 


Professional 30 inch SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Lopper (save 5% here with this coupon)


Anvil Lopper with Telescoping Aluminium Light-weight Handle 


For power equipment, we've had phenomenal brushing success with the Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless String Trimmer Kit and then Extension Pole Attachment and Hedge Trimmer Attachment. This combo, along with the pole saw, is hands-down some of the fastest equipment that is 100% electric and the Jeep 120v outlet will handle the charger and it charges fast! 


Keeping loppers in your rig is a super handy when out on the trails. If the brush is looking to scratch your paint, etc. with some loppers, you have the power to prevent any paint damage. It's a battle to keep trails brushed, if everyone helps out and lopps a little, we can keep on top of these things. 


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