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We're hosting our first Fall crawl at Big Snow Resort, the owners of Indianhead and Blackjack Mountains near Wakefield, ...

We're hosting our first Fall crawl at Big Snow Resort, the owners of Indianhead and Blackjack Mountains near Wakefield, MI. In August, we scouted this amazing facility and built crawling trails on the mountain while we brushed level 2-5 trails as well. 

The cost is $15 per rig and $48 per night for a room so $63 a day to stay and play! If you plan on going on the public OHV trails, you'll need a Michigan ORV sticker (click the link to purchase). If you're only riding on-site, you do not need an ORV sticker. RSVP for this event with Big Snow Resort at - (800) 346-3426.

Trail maps are being made and will be available for print and GPS files soon. 

The trails on the location are being built to be slow-speed trails. A few are level 3-6, the trails in the woods on the mountain are very slow and crawly. Many of the trails are being upgraded from flat dirt in the basin, to more of a challenge. Some trails are just hilly but mostly flat, others are nice and crawly, the point is there's something for everyone but we're they're still building. 

Enjoy the amazing views at the top of the mountain, the delicious food and drink at the Sky Bar & Grille and enjoy the pool, hot tub, and sauna. Play games, explore the local shops and eateries and relax in a way only Upper Michigan can do! 

Live music at the Sky Bar & Grille Friday AND Saturday night! 

Groups will begin forming Friday around midday, you do not have to be ready to go at any specific time, look for trail guide ambassadors who're ready to go and be on channel 16 on CB or 146.460 MHz VHF 2 Meter Ham Band (preferred if you're going on the public trails). 

Groups will be forming and going out continually so the CB and Ham radios will be essential. 

There are two fuel stations and local food a few miles down the road if you need to resupply. 

Rules - 

You must follow the rig checklist -  https://rl4wd.com/rigchecklist and be sure your rig is ready to go. Your parking brake must be functional and hold you on a hill. You MUST tie down all your gear as we'll be on some fairly steep hills on some trails. 

Everyone must sign a waiver https://rl4wd.com/waiver print these off in color and pre-fill them, then sign at the front desk and hand them in. 

There is a zero-tolerance policy for driving after drinking alcohol. Do not screw this up for us. 

Dogs on leashes are allowed and they do have pet-friendly rooms. You are expected to pick up after your animals and yourself. 

We require a working CB or Ham radio. You can get a handheld ham radio for under $100 (some as low as $25) and while you don't need a ham license to buy or listen, you do need a license to transmit. We urge the use of Ham radio because it has far better range and local repeaters, but CB should still work in a smaller group. Ask questions about all this in our forums https://rl4wd.com/categories/communication. A huge bonus for having APRS ham radios (sends tracking info we can all see on the map).

This event is family-friendly and you will not be forced to do trails you're not comfortable with. While Trail Guide Ambassadors will be taking groups out, you are free to leave the area and do your own thing, just as long as you're with a trail guide if you're going on the private trails. Relax and enjoy this amazing location at your own speed! 

If you have any questions, be sure to list them below. If you can't make this event, more events will be made here in 2020 so don't fret! 

We'll be hitting the local food areas together, the on-location waterfall, and more! If the hill is not wet, we'll ask to trek down the ski hill a time or two as well. 

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