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Tigerton OHV Park RL4WD Ride, Tigerton WI on June 27th - 28th. Jeep in mind, we'll have the VIP ride on Friday afternoon...

Tigerton OHV Park RL4WD Ride, Tigerton WI on June 27th - 28th. Jeep in mind, we'll have the VIP ride on Friday afternoon before this event.  

We'll be rolling in as early as Thursday night. We usually park the RL4WD crew around site 43-50 someplace so RSVP your campsite at: https://www.tigertonwi.com/reservations do not buy the trail pass on the site, that's for ATV's. 

Trailer Parking: There is room to park your trailer if you want to bring your RL4WD that way. Don't park dumb, run trailers perpendicular to the entry road, and start at an end if you're the first to park.

Cost: $20 per rig per day. Yes, you can just come for the day you don't have to camp.

RL4WD Membership Required: Only for the prizes and raffles. We'll be giving away a WARN winch along with multiple other prizes from our sponsors. You must be a premium member to enter (free). Otherwise, no membership is required to ride at this park. You're welcome. You want to support the folks who got this open for ya, join as a premium member, you get swag, shirt, etc. with it and it helps us build and sign more trails. https://rl4wd.com/member/join/online If people stop joining, we stop opening trails and parks. It's really that simple. 

Giveaway drawing will be near the handout campsites with the RL4WD flag around dusk. 

At This Time We Have No Night Rides Available Since ATV/UTV/Motorcycles will be on-site as well. 

Annual RL4WD Tigerton Pass: $150/year you can buy those stickers at registration. That's a dang good deal! 

Itinerary: Meeting daily at the registration building at 9am to group up and head out. Noon for a lunch meetup. If you want to meet up, jam on the radio and someone will be there shortly. 

Required Waiver: https://rl4wd.com/event/waiver save a load of time at registration and pre-fill the rig checklist and waiver. 

Your rig must be sound to drive and not a rusted out pile of poo. These trails are very crawly and can be demanding on your rig. Here's the rig checklist to check over at home to make sure it's ready to rock. https://rl4wd.com/event/rigchecklist Don't wait until the night before to go over this list. 



You will be required to have:

Fire Extinguisher (Special prices on the Element right now) https://rl4wd.com/forum/1768-rl4wd-element-fire-extinguishers-limited-time-discount-code 

Front and Rear Tow Points

You'll want to air down. Many had a good grip at 15psi for non-beadlocks so you may want to start there. Best darn airdown kits that take up almost no space are the J.T. Brooks PRO Automatic Tire Deflators. Do yourself a favor and just get these as they are adjustable on the fly so you can make fine-tuned adjustments to pressure quickly. 

Recovery Strap with Tree Saver https://amzn.to/3djaxjN lots of options shop our sponsors but here's a cheap kit that's pretty good. 

A Communication Device - CB Channel 16 | GMRS Radio Channel 16 (little box store handhelds are fine) | Ham Radio 2M 146.460 APRS preferred to be on if you have it.

Road Legal Four Wheel Drive rig with proof of insurance

Working seat belts and they gotta be on at all times.

Tires can't be over 40"

You need a quiet exhaust system, aftermarket is ok, it just can't be crazy loud. 

A good attitude. If you're going to be a jerk, stay home. Wave to the UTV/ATV folks, keep riders behind you in view, and wait at intersections for your group. 

Long rigs like extended bed pickups won't make the turns and could wreck the culverts and as such, the park does not allow such big and heavy vehicles in the park. Call the park if you want to see if your rig is allowed. 

It's highly recommended to have a winch, snatch block, recovery boards, highlift jack, rock rails, and some experience. Tigerton has mild to wild so walk trails first and don't ride over your ability. This leads us into our group talk below...

Groups - Group up with like-minded folks to go out with. Keep in mind, if you're in a group with a super-lifted and big tire rig, try and be sure the stocker or not so lifted rigs don't join your group so they don't get peer pressured into following along on the harder trails. 

If you've been here before and ride all the stuff, please be sure to inform people in your group if you are going to ride the hard stuff or not. New folks can be clueless and just follow any ol group. We don't want to push people past their comfort level or rig ability and this takes some communication. While Tigerton has a good mild trail system, it also has a fair amount of very crawly and complex obstacles that can damage rigs that aren't built for such things. 

It's 100% ok to not want to scratch or wreck your rig. Some of you did a fantastic job of restoring the classics, or dumping a boatload of money on a new rig, either way... we get it. Group up with like-minded folks or ask an Ambassador to take ya around on the not so wild trails. Just know some people don't give a rip about scratches and dents, they treat their rig like a toy and that's ok too. Just communicate with folks how you want to ride and group up with like-minded riders and you'll be ok. 

As a general rule of thumb, the interior perimeter trails are milder and the exterior trails shooting off the perimeter are more wild. Everything should be signed, by this event, but in the event you can't find a sign, download the PDF and GPS maps (premium member benefit) at https://rl4wd.com/tigertonohvpark

Do not belittle people who don't have the same rig setup or experience. We all start somewhere and there will be Trail Ambassadors here to help take out new premium members who want to learn things the right way. Why only premium members? Because they are the reason we have what we have. 


Many of us will camp in the new camping section from 38-58 so we can walk between sites and not have to walk or drive. Of course, you don't have to stay in those sites, but not walking and socializing is awesome, and being a very large camping area, it's a lot of walking if you want to make the rounds. 

The Big Sky Bayou trail is directional and always one way. You must enter from the road and take it to the pavilion. DO NOT DRAG MUD ONTO THE ROAD. This is why you must enter from only one direction. This trail is deep and soft. Even with 37" tires, if the water level is high, most rigs won't make it. 

Food - There are a few food joints in town along with a little grocery store. We encourage people to patronize these mom and pop places. Please be careful not to represent the 4x4 community in a bad way here. The entire town is watching us and seeing if we're worth inviting back. Riding out, getting loaded or loud, starting fights, etc. will show the community they won't want us around, so let's not do that! 

Fuel - Up the road there is a BP of fairly good size. The air pump at this station is garbage though, don't waste your time or money. It has a car wash, but not for a lot of mud and it's automatic. 

Wash Station - Bring quarters. It's $1 for 5 minutes. The low time beeper is dumb and beeps when it shuts off, not when time is almost out. There are rocks near it you may be able to crawl up to get under your rig. It's a little muddy there in that area so you may want to bring your own garden hose and park down a bit. The handle is also cheap most likely so bring a garden hose handle if you want something specific. Last time, someone broke it off and didn't replace it but hey... at least it's a wash station. I think there is power there too so those little electric power washers may work there like this WORX WG644 40V Power Share Hydroshot Portable Power Cleaner.

People Wash Station AKA Showers also take quarters. They are pretty good if you want to use them. 

Air Station - So the little air station is just a pancake pump and won't fit the bill to air back up a large amount of riders. Bring your own pump. We usually have pumps along, but you can get a 120v in the back of your rig for under $200. Here's what we've been using to air up hundreds or maybe even thousands of tires at our rides and it's still going strong - Fini Advanced™ PERMALUBE™ 5-Gallon 165 PSI Wheeled Portable Electric Twin-Tank Air Compressor. I toss it in the back of my rig, but I leave earlier on Sunday. Others also started bringing their air stations. We like the 120v ones so our mini rig ones don't get burned up when we need them. 

Past that, let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for supporting the first true OHV park in Wisconsin!!!! 

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