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Took a ride through the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area. The roads are in pretty good shape after the winter.  There is heavy farm equipment traffic on the southern roads due to their proximity to US Dairy Forage land. Use caution in this area. Most of the baracades are moved for tractor traffic so use your map to make sure you dont travel off of DNR land. 
As for the area it self for riding, there is very little to do for RL4wds. The roads are flat and are gravel or paved. Some of the roads are rough due them not being serviced anymore. As I looked around and knowing some of the history of the area, there are many existing trails that could be used for some light off roading with very little impact. There are multiple areas that crawl spots could be added. 
With very little work, this could be a great low speed crawling area. We just need to convince the DNR of this.

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