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The legend lives on
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Against the better judgement of others our newly trained team of 3 trail guides ventured out onto more advanced trails to put some skills to the test. Things went alright... Needed lockers to even make the turn prior to acent. The driver ahead made multiple attempts to climb making it about a quarter of the way before loosing traction each time. Front rear lockers traction control nothing helped. The final attempt led to a lateral slide off trail putting a tree in the way of reverse recovery. Low and behold under the Virgin snow glare mirror ice. Faced with a new challenge we were able to swap the tail vehicle with mine. A combination of paitent driving, a winch,and  a snatch block got the Jeep out of the no drive no reverse predicament. If attemped under snow ice conditions a winch, snatch blocks, recovery boards, lockers and either air down or ice chains recommended 
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