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The 1869 Homestead

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Winter event
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The 1869 Homestead is a 40-acre private property with 7 developed trails totaling approximately 2 miles. The property contains a spring fed creek running the length of the property and is home to abundant wildlife taking refuge in forested areas. Approximately half the property is forest covered while the other half is an actively farmed agricultural field. The multi-purpose trail system is used for private recreational snowshoeing, hiking and ORV use. This is a private trail system. Registration required for access. Not open daily.
Year around we enjoy the country setting and natural beauty. Owners Regan & Connie O'Neill are active in the Jeep community and often host Jeep / off-road organizations for events and social activities at The Homestead as well as host out of state off-roading adventures. Visitors to The Homestead are encouraged to share their experience of The 1869 Homestead by submitting a 'Review' on our Facebook page. If you have a group or club interested in visiting our property for recreational activities please reach out to us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
History: The original 400-acre property was purchased in 1869 by German immigrant Fredrick Menger who settled in The Town of Wayne for use as a family farm and sawmill. Generations of Mengers raised families on the property. The land was slowly subdivided and sold off over the years. Connie (Menger) O’Neill, the current owner, was raised in a home previously located in the current farm field. The house burned down Thanksgiving Day 2016. Connie’s Father, Ron Menger sold the land to Regan & Connie O’Neill in hopes of it staying in the family. Today the property is farmed by local growers and the wooded areas are enjoyed recreationally. On the trail map, you can still see the footprint of the former home & driveway from the satellite photo.
Requirements / Notices:
Pre-approval & registration required for access. Contact us to discuss your event or small group outing goals.
In an effort to maintain the beauty of the property and to protect visitors, the following ORV requirements are in place:
  • Vehicle proof of insurance required for entry.
  • Tow points front & back.
  • Due to the narrow nature of the trail system, no full-size trucks are allowed.
  • A fire extinguisher rated ABC in each vehicle.
  • Seat belts required for all occupants.
  • Haul away all trash including cigarette butts.
  • Stay on marked trails.
  • No hunting.
  • No vehicles in the creek.
  • Liability waiver signing required for entry. A vehicle safety inspection will be completed at registration.
  • No restrooms or vehicle wash station on site.
  • No camping on premises.
Trails -
Prickly Pear Pass: Named for the invasive thorny brush originally planted around the perimeter of the field in the 1800’s to keep the cows in the pasture. This short trail has the steepest entry point +25% grade along with tight curves and logs on the trail. Wander on foot off the trail and you will get poked by its namesake!
Timber Trail: Initially a logging trail, this trail has multiple downed trees to traverse/crawl with tight turns and a log pile to crawl. Access from the field perimeter trail. This is the longest wooded trail on the property. Note: the field perimeter trail can get very muddy and based on seasonality has a difficulty rating that ranges from easy to impassible. Inquire on registration!
Stoney Way: Over the years farmers had tossed rocks into this area creating a natural rock crawl. Volunteers added rock to this area and created the properties largest rock crawl. Boulders are up to 22” in diameter. Keep it in 4WD Low and enjoy the ride!
Whitetail Run: Named for the numerous deer who call this forest home, this trail contains a snaking incline that can be quite slippery in wet conditions. Many downed trees and mid size rocks may be encountered down its path. A downed oak tree runs parallel to the trail at one point, so feel free to get 2 wheels up on it and see how far you can go!
Turkey Gulch: Over 100 turkey call this forest home – go slow and you will see them. This trail contains a tight curving incline with various size trees and debris on the trail. This is a rough cut trail so take your time. Take it up hill for a more adventuresome path.
Hollow Tree Way: Named for multiple hollow trees both standing and lying down on the route. This trail starts out with a small rock area to crawl, followed by wet rutted mud section (3-12” deep) and a moderate incline thru the forest. Find the hollow tree and climb inside for a photo op!


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9.3  (3)
1869 Homestead
Overall Satisfaction 
Great place for new members and inexperienced to get their feet wet! Regan and Connie O'Neill are fantastic hosts and provide a great location for us all to have a little fun on their property private🙂 Trails from mild to technically challenging. Log crawls and rock crawls can be bypassed if needed.
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Fun in the snow
Overall Satisfaction 
Great knowledgable riders and trails from mild to intense. Only had to bypass the rock crawl.
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Great Location Great People!
Overall Satisfaction 
Regan and Connie mean so much to our organization. The fact that they allow us to run events here from time to time is super awesome! Thank you both so so much! The trails are well marked and Regan did an amazing job on hand-making the signs. The trails are tight and they did what was possible on this property. It's great for 2 door and 4 door SUVs, just keep the mud off their driveway. We've learned that the hard way. 

Seriously, we're so lucky to have you guys in this recreation. No awards or thanks will ever be enough! 
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