I'm having trouble with some of the social elements after last weekend's attempt at a remote edit (w...
Yaesu FTM-400XDR Mobile H
As I have posted in the other related thread I picked up one of these radios. I'm still studying for...
What is Yaesu's Wires-X?
Wires-X is a superior type of Amateur radio digital communication. In these helpful YouTube webinar ...
Ham Radio Prep FYI, I was looking for ham radio license info and found a site Ham Radio Prep'
RL4WD WI Repeater Updates
I'll toss this here so I can keep you all updated on our Repeater build. First, let's go o...
Colorado Overlanding - Au
We have an upcoming trip in late August 2020 to visit some Colorado trails. I thought I might post i...
Shark RF OpenSpot 3 for 4
Don Mascarella got an OpenSpot 2 to cross-link digital modes without having to buy additional radios...
Jeep Parts For Sale
Good afternoon everyone. I'm selling a bunch of miscellaneous Jeep parts that have built up. Parts...
Upcoming events 2020
I may have jumped the gun on my clicks. lol. The June Ride at Camp Sinawa is for trail ambassadors o...
Snapper XD 82V MAX Cordle
We have 2 of these, both with trimmer heads and then 1 pole saw attachment
TeraFlex Coloring Pages G
For funzies, let's play a game. Print off and color any one of these TeraFlex coloring sheets fr...
Newbee looking for commun
I'm just getting into the off-road 4X4 hobby and do not have anything in my rig (1978 CJ5) for commu...
Overlanding Power Wagon W
Joseph Tucker posted to the USA Facebook group - Here’s a walk around of a neat Overland rig. ...
1997 FZJ80, New to WI
Good evening, I am looking to head out for a day trip (leaving from Milwaukee). Any fun trails with...
'97 XJ flywheel, clutch,
Is anyone looking for a flywheel, clutch, block plate, and pilot bearing for 4.0l jeep with a ax15. ...
First Vehicle to Traverse
1908 that the first car was driven into Rubicon Springs. The car, driven from the Tahoe side by ...
First 4x4 Truck
The First ever 4x4 Truck The Jeffery Quad seen here, was designed and manufactured in Kenosha, Wisc...
First 4x4 Vehicles (Cars
Historians seem not certain who invented four wheel drive for cars. Somehow the history of 4WD is no...
Save The Pipeline | Thund
So we need to be more active as members and Trail Ambassadors in helping keep this trail open. We're...
Don't chalk test the Mile
Thanks Kev... now I have feathering on my pattys In case you didn't know, the Milestar Patagonia ...

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