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  •   Ryan Harden reacted to this post about 3 hours ago
    Good morning my friends. Looking forward to another adventure with you!
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    I took a half day of vacation and will be leaving Neenah around 1 pm on Friday, if anyone wants to convoy up.
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  •   Greg Brusk reacted to this post about 1 day ago
    It's been too long I'm taking off Friday and I'll be there for sure
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May 18th is the international Go Topless Day for Jeeps. The Road Legal 4WD Association recognizes this day as one where we celebrate when weather and temps most-often allow us to roll down the windows, open the sun and moon roofs, take our vehicle tops off, take our vehicle doors off and hit the trails and roads. This time of year typically is when the trails open back up in the northern hemisphere snowbelt states and provinces, and where it's comfortable enough to go topless in the southern hemisphere. 

Go Topless Day is a reminder of the love of our vehicles, the places we take them and the friends we meet along the way. Each year, the RL4WDA Trail Guide Ambassadors and members enjoy hosting rides so be sure you catch one in your area! RL4WD sanctioned Go Topless Day events will partake in our national and international sponsorship campaigns. 


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  Ryan Harden — For 2019 we held rides at: The 1869 Homestead Camp Sinawa Kettle Moraine State Forest This event was sponsored by: Jeeps Are Life - $100 in gift cards Extreme Terrain - 25 Flags, stickers and marketing. Rough Country - Multiple T-Shirts Ryan & Jessica Harden - Donation of 20 Go Topless T-Shi......

The Road Legal 4WD Association runs as a 501(c3) non-profit domiciled in the state of Wisconsin of the United States of America. While primarily funded by business and household membership dues, in 2019 we plan to raise money for specific charitable contributions related to education, trail building, and conservation efforts. 

Wisconsin Registration Link running as a 501(c3) non-profit. Until the IRS filings are finished, we cannot complete further WI charity paperwork. When we do, it'll be linked here. 

IRS 501(c3) Link - We have our EIN registered as a non-profit 501 6/27/2018. The IRS allocates 27 months from the date of inception to file the (c3) portion of the non-profit. This is in the proces of being done.  



Current officers - All RL4WDA officers are volunteers. RL4WDA does not have any paid employees. 


Ryan Harden - Executive Director

Jessica Harden - Secretary

Randy Harden - CFO (standing)


Advisory Board

Doug Richter

James LeVoy

Regan O'Neill

Dan Smith

Advisory board meetings are scheduled quarterly as possible. Requirements are to meet at least twice a year. 


Financial Advisory Board 

Chad Balke

Ryan Fredrickson 

Financial board reports to the advisory board at the same meetings. 


Financial reports are given out at each annual meeting and reported as required by law. Annual reports can be requested in writing by members otherwise. We'll also try and have PDF reports available in the group pages under files. 


Before we registered as the Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Association, we were registered as Wrangler Riders (Sheboygan) and Wrangler Riders Allenton. Wrangler Riders ran until Dec. 31st, 2018 when we then switched over to Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Association. Wrangler Riders is now run as a DBA of RL4WDA to avoid excessive filings and fees. On annual reports, Wrangler Riders is listed as a segregated account for SEWI trail efforts. Links to each of the non-profit clubs are above for archival purposes. Final paperwork for Wrangler Riders Allenton were filed 10/18. Final Wrangler Riders paperwork filed 4/19. While RL4WD retains the logo rights, If a local group of members wishes to restart Wrangler Riders as it's own entity, we've cleared the name to do so. If it's run as a chapter of RL4WDA, the advisory board will vote to allocate the segregated Wrangler Rider fund as seed money to help restart this. 


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  Adam Wisecup — Loving all the organization. Folks should take a night or two and explorer around the site; there’s a ton of helpful knowledge here : )...

Videos submitted of trails from members. Enjoy watching real footage from actual members. Remember, submitting trail videos need to be via link from YouTube, Facebook, Vimo, etc. and they must be ethical and viewable by families. 

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  Allen Wohlfeil — One last time across the 'Tall Oak Log Crawl' at Camp Sinawa WI....

RL4WD Risk Management Guidelines For Chapters, Elders, Trail Guides & Trail Ambassadors

The Road Legal 4WD Association is comprised of multiple chapters throughout the USA. Our common values are safety and education in everything we do. Our members, friends, family safety are our top priority.

There must be at least one paid member in each vehicle when a trail riding event is being hosted. Passengers of the paid member are considered household members of the paid member for the duration of the event.

Everyone at any RL4WD function will need to sign a waiver on-site or show the online yearly waiver badge that can be printed from a members online profile. Minor waivers must be signed by the parent or legal guardian only (no exceptions).

All vehicles must be DOT compliant for legal road use according to state and federal law. All vehicles must have valid liability insurance with limits that exceed local state law requirements. Vehicles must have DOT compliant restraints and roll bars / cage / OEM top. Vehicles without a top or roll cage will not be allowed to participate in any chapter function. All vehicles shall be in proper working order and have a legal exhaust system and need to be checked by a chapter volunteer before an event begins.

All vehicles must contain an ABC automotive fire extinguisher along with front and rear tow points. Vehicle recovery and first aid kits are required for hosts, guides and elders and are highly encouraged for all vehicles as well.

All events must have trained volunteers on site to be considered a RL4WD sanctioned event.

Under no circumstances shall a chapter or guide host a timed or wheel to wheel competition without prior approval and insurance from the Road Legal 4WD Association. These events will require additional special event risk management and special event insurance.

Chapters are encouraged to be a non-profit club entity. Proof of such organization will be needed before we can proceed with universal membership splits and insurance participation. Chapters are required to keep a separate banking account and expenditures should be appropriate based on the operational procedures and bylaws set within the chapter. A yearly statement of receipts will need to be presented to the RL4WD in order to renew sanctions for the coming year.




All volunteers will be required to pass a standard criminal background check. This background check must be clear of any violent crimes. Volunteers can request a criminal exception from the advisory board which must pass by vote.

Chapter Hosts - The organizers of the Chapter will be required to take the Chapter Training online as well as in person (when possible). The chapter hosts are responsible for keeping a copy of the event waivers indefinitely if needed in an incident. Chapter Hosts will be required to document any accidents, injuries or vehicle damage and fill out a report of what happened. A Chapter Host will then need to send in the report along with the waiver for all parties involved within 7 business days.

Tour Guides - Tour Guides are required to complete the online and on-site training sessions before being allowed to take a small group of riders out on public or private trails. Tour Guide volunteers also need to take the Tour Guide refresher course once every 24 months and will be required to keep all waivers indefinitely if not affiliated with any one chapter.

Trail Guides - Trail Guides will need to complete the online and on-site training and certification courses. Online refresher courses will also be required online every 24 months. Tour Guides are responsible for picking trail types based on the least experienced driver or least capable vehicle.

Elders - Elders must complete the online volunteer class before they can assist with any local chapter event.


All trails should be scouted prior to an event (where applicable). Elders of a chapter should identify and sign or eliminate any safety hazard on the trails such as sharp objects and excessive brush.

Any trail with deep mud should be avoided. We advocate for ethical trail use and preservation. Excessive deep water or mud can cause severe damage to Road Legal 4WD vehicles as such, no RL4WD event shall traverse these types of trails unless an act of God caused it during an event and it must be crossed/can’t be avoided.

Do not cut switchbacks or take shortcuts. All water crossings should be at designated points that have a prepared rock bottom (best to route over a bridge when possible).

Vehicles should be in 4WD low at all times to prevent trail damage and accidents that involve any type of speed.


Defined Events

Trail Rides - A ride with a group of RL4WD vehicles that have elders as lead and sweep drivers and Trail Guides that may be needed for technical help through more difficult terrain.

Meet & Greets - A function where members congregate and are not driving trails.

Education Classes or Workshops - A volunteer-run class for a local chapter that trains drivers for trail riding. These small sessions may also be part of a trail ride.

GeoCrawls - Casual rides on public trails or private events where members find trail listings and then review the trails they rode via the online directory.

EnduroCrawl - A slow-speed (1-5 MPH), single file, timed event with permit on trails. Additional risk management and insurance will be required before a chapter can host these types of events.

Car Show/Show & Shine - An event that is hosted by a local chapter in a show type setting. Additional risk management and insurance will be required before a chapter can host these types of events.

Any other competition type event will need to be approved and insured before it can be advertised as a RL4WD event.

Reviewers can optionally submit images, videos and map files to our online trail directory. Here, you'll find all the reviewed images in one page. When submitting a trail review image, it's important to remember to show ethical use or the media won't be approved. 

Thanks to everyone who's submitted such great pictures of the trails! 

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  Ryan Harden — If you want to add pics to your own albums, go to and click new album....


Before you go riding checklist

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