Trail communication forums. The RL4WD recommends two basic types of radios. CB and HAM (amateur radio). CB for starting out or short-range and HAM for everything else.

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CB Radio

CB Radio Topics for RL4WD members. CB is the official unlicensed communication method of RL4WD. We highly recommend starting with Amateur radio over CB for increased range, repeater use, weekly trail report nets, and more BUT many of us still use CB so these topics are covered in these forums.

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Ham Radio

Amateur Radio commonly referred to as Ham Radio is our primary communication device out on the trail. It offers the best range, most power, and internet/digital integrations. Our repeaters at events use Amateur Radio much like other clubs across the world. 



GMRS 4x4 RL4WD Chat. Another popular radio type is GMRS which stands for General Mobile Radio Service. It's used by 4X4 clubs and events over CB as it has a better range and more power. 



The Automated Packet Reporting System (APRS) forums for RL4WD and how we use it on the trails. You can use APRS on Ham and GMRS Radios.

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