The RL4WDA recommends owners of RL4WDs try and get their license to broadcast using these types of radios. In a nutshell Amateur Radio or HAM as they call it (old school term from the 19th century) uses the widest range of radio spectrum for riders.

Amateur Radio allows people to communicate on better frequencies with a higher power rating. Under the right conditions, using the right equipment, Amateur Radio operators can communicate around the globe... without cell towers or satellites. Many consider Amature Radio the only viable communication tool in the event of a major emergency since it doesn't rely on any 3rd device (servers, cell towers, etc.).

The RL4WDA has a team of dedicated Amateur Radio operators who dictate what frequencies we use. Our "channels" are not broadcast to the public and may change from time to time or event to event depending on what's needed.

Amateur Radios and antennas can be purchased at many of the same price points as a CB, cell phone, FMRS etc. Anyone can buy a radio like this, but only licensed operators can transmit. Penalties for illegal broadcast can include equipment seizure, massive fines and even jail time. These laws are watched very closely by the licensed public and many are trained to pinpoint broadcast locations very quickly. Point is, don't mess around. We all follow the rules here.

In recent years, it has become far easier to get your license for Amature Radio, you don't even have to know morse code anymore. In 2000 the number of licenses dropped from 6 to 3. Those are:

Technician - This the entry-level license. You pass a test of 35 questions on radio theory, regulations, and operating practices. The license gives you the ability to use all Amateur Radio frequencies above 30 megahertz. This is usually enough to communicate locally, regionally and within North America. Most of our Amateur Radio rigs have this type of license.

General - This class of license pulls out most of the stops and opens up options for worldwide communications. This license is an additional 35 questions past the Technician class license.

Amateur Extra - This license allows operating privileges on all bands and all modes. It has a 50 question test beyond the General and Technician classes.

Again, it's not really that hard to get your basic Technician license. Lots of us are already licensed. To find licensed active members, please click here.

Post questions below or visit our comms forums.

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So we are officially making the change? I will very happily buy one and get the license if we are!

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Again, CB is mainly used, but HAM is already used each event also so I'd suggest both yes. Official RL4WDA after the annual meeting is CB and HAM with net radio being used mainly for home chat, meetings and talking between events.

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