The Road Legal 4WD Association is actively seeking responsible individuals to run local Chapters. A local Chapter will host everything from simple meet and greet dinners, to road rides, right on up to full-blown trail riding multi-day adventures, it really depends on what your local area provides the RL4WD community. 

All Chapter clubs that are part of the Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Association, must honor the universal membership. Chapters can have their own local membership dues as well, but for RL4WDA events, they must allow universal members to join regular events without additional dues. 

A local Road Legal 4WD Association Chapter is required to run and maintain a local trail system, RL4WD park and/or promote local RL4WD events. Chapters are run as independent non-profits that have access to our grants and co-sponsorship. The Road Legal 4WD Association will aid in chapter development, branding, training, designations, marketing, website, social media, insurance, merchandising, and event promotions. Our goal is to make a Road Legal 4WD Association chapter as strong as possible so that it may continue to gain local recreational opportunities. 

Chapters must comply with Road Legal 4WD Association risk management, insurance and ethics guidelines to qualify for their yearly sanctioning renewal which may or may not include a renewal fee as determined by our board. Upon the loss of sanctioning, the Chapter must properly file for dissolution and remaining funds from that Chapter will be added to the Road Legal 4WD Association's main membership grant account for proper redistribution among active Chapters.

Benefits Include

Web page within our system that's connected to our community

High-quality membership cards and sponsored mailings (free to the Chapter)

Community connections

Fundraising platforms

Co-promoted events with other Chapters

Co-membership card and material processing (no administration duties!)

Co-sponsored events and products

Access to our national event and club insurance program (optional, needed for landowner contracts a lot of times)

Printed waivers and sign-in forms

Ability to apply for trail and park grants from state or other sources (once non-profit is set up)

Participation in the Trail Ambassador Program

Access to map listings and printing services

Road Legal 4WD branding and sanctioning upon approval


This is just the beginning! We have a huge amount of benefits to foster amazing growth and success within your local community.


No cost to start! 

RL4WDA grant funds are appropriated based on your local premium member numbers. The grant fund committee will not vote to approve local chapter grants beyond participation numbers and activity. So, as an example, a chapter in South Dakota would only have access to grant funds from premium membership funds and events raised through their area and not another from say Southwest Wisconsin. National grants obtained from our sponsors and possible government sources will be appropriated based on value to our members and the riding public as deemed by the grant committee and in compliance with local law. 



Officers must be legal adults

Officers must be current Premium Road Legal 4WD Association members in good standing

Required to promote responsible recreational image and family-friendly events for 4X4's

Local chapter officers must pass a background check (standard state checking)

Waivers must be signed for all events and meetings

Host at least one meeting, ride or social event every 60-90 days (30 days preferred)

Chapters must be at least an hour apart and local chapters will only be approved once the other chapters in the area agree. 


No trails? No problem!

Some inner city Chapters will pretty much only host non-trail events, others will ONLY be trail events. We don't stipulate what type of Road Legal 4WD event you host, as long as it's family-friendly, ethical and promotes our community in a positive way. We want to organize so we can get more recreational opportunities, it's that simple. 

We've also come up with crawl spots where you can ask permission at local parks, businesses and more that would toss a rock, ramp or something to crawl in urban areas. 


So what does it take to make a chapter? Glad you asked!

Fundamentally speaking, we want you to become a non-profit ($35 in WI) that is dedicated to expanding the goals of the Road Legal 4WD Association (Trail Education, Recreation, Communication, and Trail Preservation). In return, we will provide you with the tools to help you establish your chapter, grow your events and become a staple for Road Legal 4WD Recreation in your community. 

The Road Legal 4WD Association has a mission to have local Chapters for every local riding area that serves the  RL4WD community. Local Chapters will help establish riding areas, trails, and events and then maintain said areas for sustainable recreational endeavors.  

Local clubs run independently of the main association. The Road Legal 4WD Association will approve the sanctioning of each chapter each year. We'll advise you on how to run a healthy chapter and provide support via our private host community. The Road Legal 4WD Association will provide each chapter with a web page, store, event program, logos, merchandising, grant help and more. We've tried to handle all the stuff that clubs have a hard time dealing with so you can focus on having fun and growing local interest WITHOUT a huge upfront cost!

Local chapters will work together to spread out events over a region. This way, we all can go to each other's events and help out as needed. Once a region has a few chapters, a Regional Coordinator will be assigned to aid with events, meetings, etc. Together, we accomplish our goals and get more people into this awesome recreation! 


I've never run anything like this, how is this going to work?

Don't worry! We understand that everyone starts someplace and we'll guide you through the process of setting up your chapter, website, social media and events. We'll work with you personally to help guide you through the process and we'll send you a printed getting started packet as well. 

We'll show you how to host meetings, do events, etc. We're available for one on one meetings, video meetings, training and more to make sure you're comfortable with running and growing a Chapter! 


Universal Membership Program 


We co-brand our high-quality membership material with your local chapter which is then given by our national sponsors of RL4WD. We do a lot of this work on your behalf so your new club can have a very professional membership packet, professional web tools, professional media, and access to an amazing network of individuals who are all here to help grow the 4x4 recreation through chapters like yours. 


What if we already have a club?

The Road Legal 4WD Association can adapt and work out agreements with current 4x4 clubs if most of the members use road legal rigs for trail riding. If you have a club and want to slowly renew your memberships as Universal members, we can make that happen. The RL4WDA is very passionate about serving our clubs and chapters that are responsible for the trails and routes we love! Let's chat about how to send us your membership data along with how to make your club part of the fun. Let us help you reduce your processing burden, drastically increase your membership offerings, and advertising your rides to our ever-growing membership base. You keep your local membership dues, we process everything and send out your RL4WDA packets, universal membership renewals, and alike.  


Line up a meeting today by calling 1-855-527-7464! 

RL4WD Risk Management Guidelines


RL4WD Risk Management Guidelines For Members, Chapters, and Trail Ambassadors

The Road Legal 4WD Association is comprised of multiple chapters throughout the USA. Our common values are safety and education in everything we do. Our members, friends, family safety are our top priorities.

All adults in a rig must be a free or paid member of and should have a profile on this site. Trail Ambassadors and Chapters may opt to make rides and events specific to paid members, experienced members, etc. Anyone with a valid RL4WDA membership card should be able to sign up and pay for an event or trail ride as they are part of the Universal Membership program.

All vehicles must be DOT compliant for legal road use according to state and federal law. All vehicles must have valid liability insurance with limits that exceed local state law requirements.

Vehicles must have DOT compliant restraints and roll bars/cage/OEM top. Vehicles without a top or roll cage will not be allowed to participate in any chapter function. All vehicles shall be in proper working order and have a legal exhaust system and need to be checked by a chapter volunteer before an event begins.

All vehicles must contain an ABC or Element automotive fire extinguisher along with front and rear tow points. Vehicle recovery and first aid kits are required for hosts, Trail Ambassadors, and guides while being highly encouraged for all vehicles.

All events must have trained volunteers on site to be considered an RL4WD sanctioned event.


Chapters are encouraged to be a non-profit club entity. Chapters must keep a separate banking account, and expenditures should be appropriate based on the operational procedures and bylaws set within the chapter. 

Under no circumstances shall a chapter or guide host a timed or wheel to wheel competition without prior approval and insurance from the Road Legal 4WD Association. These events will require additional special event risk management and special event insurance.


Chapter Hosts - The Chapter's organizers will be required to take the Chapter Training online and in-person (when possible). The chapter hosts are responsible for keeping a copy of the event waivers indefinitely if needed in an incident. Chapter Hosts will be required to document any accidents, injuries, or vehicle damage and fill out a report of what happened. A Chapter Host will then need to send in the report and the waiver for all parties involved within 7 business days.

Trail Ambassadors - Trail Ambassadors will need to complete the online and/or on-site training and certification courses. Online refresher courses will also be required online every 24 months. Must pass a criminal background check. 



All private trails should be scouted before an event (where applicable). A chapter should identify and sign or eliminate any safety hazards on the trails such as sharp objects and excessive brush. 

Any trail with deep mud should be avoided. We advocate for ethical trail use and preservation. Excessive deep water or mud can cause severe damage to Road Legal 4WD vehicles as such, no RL4WD event shall traverse these types of trails unless an act of God caused it during an event, and it must be crossed/can't be avoided.

Do not cut switchbacks or take shortcuts. All water crossings should be at designated points with a prepared rock bottom (best to route over a bridge when possible).

Vehicles should be in 4WD low at all times to prevent trail damage and accidents that involve any speed.



Trail Rides - A ride with a group of RL4WD vehicles with lead and sweep drivers and Trail Ambassadors or guides that may be needed for technical help through more difficult terrain.

Meet & Greets - A function where members congregate and are not driving trails. Please refrain from alcohol use during a sanctioned RL4WD event. 

Education Classes or Workshops - A volunteer-run class for a local chapter that trains drivers for trail riding. These small sessions may also be part of a trail ride.

Car Show/Show & Shine - An event hosted by a local chapter in a show-type setting. Additional risk management and insurance will be required before a chapter can host these types of events.

Any other competition type event will need to be approved and insured before advertised as an RL4WD event.

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There is a strong interest in starting a chapter in the Fox Valley area. I'm looking forward to getting it started.

Jay Janness
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Patiently waiting for the social distantsing to go away so we can get started

Jay Janness
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You should be good to go!

Ryan Harden
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Great Job Jay! I printed up the club started packet for you and will send it out tomorrow!

Ryan Harden
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