Thursday, 03 January 2019
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Eric Baier of Topsy Products came up with a nice hood mount system for the JL. The first, in fact. This was version 1. The new version is thicker and has a unique design. I'm testing both on my JL right now and over the last few months, I can say, I love them!

Get em here - keep in mind, the newer ones are better than the ones on his site. Eric, we gotta film some updated images! The test was a home run!

Firestick wire to use with this... I got the long cable, but after mounting, that was overkill, the short cable would be just fine. I ended up mounting the CB, wires and such under the passenger seat.

Here's what I used in my setup -

FireStick FIRESTIK K4-8R18 FIRE-Ring 18`Foot Coax with Stud and SS-3H Spring - but this is too long, get the smaller cable. Also didn't use the spring.

FireStick FIRESTIK K4-8R9 CB Radio Antenna FIRE-Ring 9`Foot Coax with Stud -

Cobra C75WXST Handheld CB Radio - NOAA Radio - LCD Display - 40 Channel -

Antenna... I DID NOT GO WITH A FIRESTICK. Those things are too heavy, I went with the K40 SF-300 Black 3' 1000W Superflex Tunable Fiberglass CB Whip Antenna.

Jeep Wrangler JL Mic Holder -

I posted the Amazon links so you can read reviews and such. If you want this installed you can get member-only pricing with Doug Richter at AV Dynamics as I did. Buy local and support our dealer members!!!

@Donald Mascarella# had me flip the spacers around so the black part was on top. This gave a lot more clearence for fender flex on the trail.