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  4. Tuesday, 03 December 2019
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I surveyed United Ministries in St Nazianz in Oct. and it's a beautiful place. It's a different type of operation than you'd think in the name. Jim the director, offered us a spot to make a crawling course if we wanted or some wooded trails.

While this place doesn't have enough to build the location of a full-on trail, it would present a fantastic opportunity to build a waypoint on our SEWI SWOT leg. It would be a great place to camp on this tour and they have swimming, vball, tennis, RV hookups, bathrooms, etc. etc. but they aren't really focused on being a campground. I think it would be a great fit as an option for riders again, more as a waypoint and rest stop along the larger SEWI SWOT leg that extends from IL all the way up to Washington Island.

They have a large grassy field they don't do anything with and it would be a great place to build a course to play on.

There is also a historical landmark on-site to enhance the tourism value of this property.

Perhaps in Spring, we can do a scouting trip here at one of the Sinawa events (since this is just up the road). It's great to see the enthusiasm of wanting to draw a 4x4 crowd and I'd like us to really try and make this a viable stop. This also makes a great place to visit for summer Sinawa events. The swimming, slide, camping, etc. would be a nice enhancement for 4x4 events in our area. Hit the Sinawa trails, UM Waypoint trail, I think it would be a great blend!

The yellow area would be a proposed course/trail we could likely make.

If we build it, I'm sure it would be exclusive to our members. This is still right up the road from the pit we get our (very affordable) rock at Sinawa from so adding rock, tires, and such would be viable here to build a nice challenge area.
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  600 S 4th Ave, St Nazianz, WI 54232, USA
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Furthermore, this location is very well connected and we may be able to get adjacent landowners to allow us to build trails as well. Jim was already putting some feelers out for us. Again, great guy and really good folks.
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