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On I was able to download the RT Systems repeater list and plop em into ADMS / RT Systems. Then, I loaded it into my radio and now I can fast scan all WI repeaters within range. This morning in Kiel, I was hearing a conversa...
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So my journey of the radios is nearing completion. Here is the documented journey of the Black Knight comms. When I mounted the Stryker SR-955hpc 10 Meter Amateur Radio and Yaesu FTM-400XDR 144/430MHz Dual-Band Analog/Digital Mobile Transceiver w...
I haven't been able to find anything about 4x4 HF bands. Being techs can do 10 meters, I'd like to request we pick something to start on if we're trying to connect on 10 meters? This is a valuable band I'd think for 50-100 mile rage communication? ...
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