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  1. Alexander Bub
  2. Extra Class
  3. Thursday, 31 October 2019
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I'm studying for my Extra class this Winter, looking forward to having access to all frequencies. My main Ham shack is in the basement. I'm running a Yaesu FTXD1200 with an Ameritron AL-811 linear (600 watts) on 160 through 10 meters feeding a Hustler 5BTV vertical as well as a home made 20 foot tall spiral wound "Rubber ducky" for 160 meters. I also have a Yaesu FT450D in an upstairs room using a second 5BTV as well as a dipole for 75/160 meters I just put the dipole up and am tuning it in. That one is barefoot.

So glad RL4WD is getting drivers into Ham radio. Sure beats using CB's on the trails.

Alex Bub
WA9OLH (General)
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Nice setup Alex! I was hoping to be extra by Xmas but not going to happen, too many events on the weekends. With the trail report nets being done weekly, I need to look at a shack setup. It'll be too cold to sit out in the jeep for those nets. Hope you can make the trail report nets soon :)

If you see some good study guides for this forum, post away in this section! I'll make a ham shack category too so we can discuss those setups.
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