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  1. Adam Wisecup
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  3. Monday, 10 June 2019
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While out scouting SE Wisconsin, I've come across a few public trails that aren't listed on RL4WD's directory. One of these trails seems fairly interesting and I'd like to share.
Who should I contact with info?

I've included a link to a poorly shot video, which only degraded in quality when uploaded to YouTube, but it helps give a better visual of the trail.
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After reviewing the video, it looks like the trail ended and became snowmobile trail? Is this on any map?

I usually check the plat map of landowners via the app onxhunt. Then, check with the land manager to verify the trail or road is legal. There are times where it looks 100% legit but isn't.

I can help with this, pm me the address or map files.

Even though the online class isn't done, you can start recording trails. Just be sure the tracks don't overlap and that when you were on that bridge, you mark it as a waypoint (bridge) just like you would a hill, obstacle or low. Then record in the track description if it's a one way, one way limited passing or two way trail. Lastly, record if it's a road, gravel, dirt/sand or slow speed trail.

Once this is done, and we verify it's legal, we can add the listing to the directory even before the training program is done.
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