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  3. Friday, 27 September 2019
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My wife donated time at the main food Bank in Sheboygan yesterday and said their supplies are very low. Fall and Spring are the hardest seasons to stay supplied. I didn't know over 300 kids in Sheboygan get meals for the weekends because otherwise they don't eat from the time they leave school on Friday.

Usually, the boy scouts do the fall food drive but they don't have the volunteers this Fall to make it happen, so they are going to try for Spring. I'd like to see if we can step in and help by doing a bring a bag event very soon. I know Oct is NOT open to any event weekends, but I'd like to try.

They especially need breakfast cereal and oatmeal. Canned veggies and such as well (not peaches or pears).

Rigs ride the lakefront? I gotta check with the city on what land is available, but gosh I'd volunteer to help this cause when it's needed most. Thoughts? 2nd weekend in Oct? 2 weeks from now? Can us 4x4 folks fill in for the scouts?
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