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The CJ3 forums of RL4WD. The Willys-Overland CJ-3A was introduced in 1949, and was in production until 1953, when replaced by the CJ-3B. The Willys CJ-3B replaced the CJ-3A in 1953, the same year Willys-Overland was bought by Kaiser Motors. The CJ-3B design was also licensed to a number of international manufacturers, which produced a civilian and military variant long after 1968, including Mitsubishi of Japan and Mahindra of India. The Jeep was introduced to the Japanese market as the Jeep J3 in July 1953 after Willys agreed to allow Mitsubishi to market the car, competing with the Nissan Patrol and the Toyota Land Cruiser. The Willys-Overland CJ-4 or "X-151" was only built as an experimental concept in 1950 or 1951.[21] It used the new Willys Hurricane engine and had an 81 in (2,057 mm) wheelbase. 

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