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  4. Friday, 16 August 2019
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Tread Lightly! has the opportunity brought to them by Fat Tire Ale where every time this video is shared, Fat Tire donates $1 with a max donation of $250k. These are grants our organization plans to apply for. Here are all the videos and how to help raise funds for trails from Fat Tire -

“Part II: The Wheeler & The Biker” (The one that relates to us)
Filmed in the desert lands of Moab, Utah, two fearless women in male-dominated sports are challenged with opposing the use of the land through motorized vs. non-motorized use. #findingcommonground

Renee, an intrepid mountain biker growing up Navajo in Monument Valley fosters a relationship with Val, a fearless Jeep wheeler. Both find connection through their deep reverence for the respectful management and use of multi-recreational areas.

Whether we choose to camp, hike, photograph, 4-wheel, or cycle, we are all still Americans who love to play outside and public lands are critical to providing us those opportunities.

Share this video if you agree to help Fat Tire donate up to $250,000 to Tread Lightly! To help continue working to protect our shared outdoor spaces.

We’re standing on common ground. Let’s stand up for public lands together.

“Part I: The Climber & The Hunter - Finding Common Ground”

Filmed in the New River Gorge area of West Virginia this episode explores the dichotomy of two young athletes. Allie,
a female bowhunter from the countryside and Mikhail, a city-dwelling rock climber. Both skeptical of one another’s
sport, you see them teach the intricacies to one another and learn of their
commonality in disrupting the convention
in their sports.

Part 3: Kayaker x Angler | Finding Common Ground

We’re not that different in the outdoors. Leland, a fly fisher, and Tyler, a whitewater kayaker, learn how even though they use rivers in totally different ways, they can come together to protect public lands. Visit and share their full video to direct donations from Fat Tire to American Whitewater and National Wildlife Federation. Along with that, Fat Tire is donating up to $250,000 to organizations protecting our public lands.

Please share this post to spread the TREAD Principles and help raise donations for Tread Lightly!
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