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  4. Monday, 18 February 2019
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Connie O'Neill of The 1869 Homestead (please like their page), one of our riding spots, makes these awesome Jeep Lanyards - for your membership cards. If you don't have a Jeep, you can pick up badge clips like this for nearly nothing -

Your membership card is punched so it can double as a name badge. The membership card is also equipped with a QR code that goes to your profile on This will help the new trial guides check you into events and as members, you can use free QR code reader apps to scan badges to send friend requests.

I'm bad with names, the badges are very helpful in learning names so please wear your badge when you come to events.

We don't include the metal clips with the badges in the membership packets. Not only does that triple the cost of the mailing (package rate) but it also was resulting in folks not getting their cards due to lost packages that carriers would send through the sorting machine at USPS resulting in tearing the package open once the rollers hit the metal clips.

QR codes are also used in trail maps, trail review videos and more as the web addresses are too long to type in for most things.
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