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  4. Tuesday, 20 March 2018
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Wrangler Riders is comprised of experienced and new RL4WD owners alike. Some of you have been wheeling in the area for 30+ years, some it's been more like 30 minutes. We're building Wrangler Riders to be proactive, engaging, educational and sustainable.

That being said...

Many of our advisors and founders reside deep within the 4x4 communities and as such, a rare occasion pops up where a person may not be allowed into Wrangler Riders. Decisions to turn some people away are not taken lightly. The community of advisors discuss these matters in-depth over what can be over many weeks.

Our first such occurrence took place today. After multiple interviews, many discussions/examples we have turned someone away (they were not a paid member yet, if they were, we would have given a full refund).

Well-known people who have proven to be a detriment in other communities throughout the years may be reviewed here. Again, most of the people who make up Wrangler Riders know the few bad apples. Sadly, there have been enough in the 4x4 WI scene who've burned a lot of bridges and wrecked a lot of chances to get more trails. We need to rise above this.

We're not here for drama or to appease problem people. Wrangler Riders does not represent all 4x4 groups or vehicles. We're here to educate and recreate and we have outlined a strategy which has a good chance to get more trails in Wisconsin for many years to come.

Together, we will create more recreational opportunities. We believe transparency is a crucial element to proving we're different.
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Thanks for the update. Someone has to watch the gate!
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