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  4. Monday, 24 February 2020
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I've cancelled the rides and refunded the orders for the overlanding tour and March ride at Sinawa. As I'm only one person, I can't host rides, process memberships, work on the site, work on the nonprofit paperwork, making shirts, making signs, etc. while also doing rides.

Winter wheeling on slow speed trails takes a lot of coordination and time to set up when so many people sign up and I can't handle the stress. Instead of melting down, I'll just stop doing rides while all this is being set up. Never thought February and March would ever be so busy.

I'll be finishing the new Trail Ambassador pages today and all of the Trail Ambassadors are encouraged to communicate and group up if they want to host their own small rides. I'm here to assist in that capacity and we do have the private Trail Ambassador group and forums here if you want to post requests, discussions, and talks about when to do rides. I can help with setting that stuff up.
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