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  1. Ryan Harden
  2. Sherlock Holmes
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  4. Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Not sure how this plays out yet, but we were brought up. As you may know, we're passionate about serving Wisconsin. Our rigs are some of the toughest rigs with some of the best recovery gear out on the roads today.

There was a meeting in our office on how we can align or help with natural disasters and respond to aid Wisconsinites in times of need. A few of us were near the big tornados in Oconto County last July and it's been striking pretty close to home about how to help more.

We're looking at a possible partnership (somehow) with partners who are experts in this type of thing.

As Trail Ambassadors, as RL4WD, as folks with rigs that are built to take on more... I want to be sure we have the chance to help and serve.

Like we did with Houston -

Like we train with Wisconsin Emergency Management - but unlike WEM, there would be less hoops to jump through.

Like we try and help our Vets and Homeless -

like we offered in Oconto. We still might help plant trees to recover...

So we'll see what comes of this, all I know is it looks like a very good first step in helping more people with the right people involved.
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