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WI Recreational 4X4 Trail Program 2020 Update

WI Trail Program Update Public Trail Program for Wisconsin

As the Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Association, we're working on expanding recreational opportunities for Road Legal Four Wheel Drives and all 4X4's past that. We've hosted multiple VIP rides and talk with many legislators, clubs, and associations to try and figure out the best way to get a program started. We want to address a public trail program in a number of ways. First, we need to define who we are and how we're different. Second, we need to be sure we can introduce the program in phases, first for Road Legal rigs, then 2nd phase for all rigs. Phase 2 will need to be designed and sponsored more so by a group like the Wisconsin Coalition of Four Wheel Drives, which we are a part of. These things take a while to sort out and we needed to get our house in order before requesting anything. We needed chapters, Trail Ambassadors, and a way to help manage a program before we try and introduce a program. Through our involvement in the ATV/UTV side of things these last 20 years in Wisconsin and 30 plus years in the motorsport and powersport national scene, we've learned a lot on how to carefully bring programs like this online. While each state and recreation are different, there are a lot of core program similarities that we try and use to keep a program from becoming too complex and hard to manage. It's very challenging to not over complicate things. 

Plans are underway to introduce a concept for phase one soon. I need to flush out the concept definitions and then involve more leaders in the WI 4X4 world. Know this also has to get a green light from not only legislatures, but also DNR, county folks, and other recreations. It's a delicate balance and has to be pitched correctly to ensure a successful launch. A major issue we face is the open flood gates kinda thing. In Wisconsin, we have over 5 million registered automobiles, many of which are eligible for what we're going to pitch. We could very quickly become the #1 motorized recreation in the state and have a good way to fund the trails and gravel roads we need to make it all happen. Over the years, we've worked together to build events, trails, programs, signs, maps, and many of the things needed for this all to happen. We plan to grow beyond Wisconsin and even, beyond the USA connecting many trails and routes in North America, but Wisconsin is our home and we must be part of creating a good 4X4 program here first as we grow our relationship with other 4x4 folks around the midwest. Please help us by becoming a premium member, we need to fund these programs and during these times, it's been a very difficult financial time for RL4WD. You have no idea how much your paid membership means to keep this going. $50 goes a long way https://rl4wd.com/member/join/online or join multiple years in the shop - https://rl4wd.com/shop/Premium-Membership-p184837558. We're very lucky to have the support we have, and I thank each and every one of you for helping where you can. 


Ryan Harden

President RL4WDA

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Saturday, 27 February 2021

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