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Ham Radio in WI and Larger 4X4 Rides VLOG


 Over the last year, we've been working hard to come up with longer distance communication guidelines and we want to work with the right people, clubs, organizations and alike so we can be an asset to the Amateur Radio community. Here's an unscripted VLOG explaining a bit about what we do, where we're at, and how we want to get involved the right way. Check out our efforts thus far at - https://rl4wd.com/communication. We still have lots to do and plans that have to be submitted to the right folks so we can do everything we want to do. 

There have been some questions about our involvement with Ham Radio in Wisconsin. It's great to see so many members getting licensed and buying their radios. Please keep in mind we're working on furthering our communication plan and we need the involvement of WI Ham Radio clubs, ARES/RACES, Repeater Networks and alike before we can finish our plans and training. We're not looking to take over or interfere with anything already established in WI and we want to be an asset to the local Ham Radio community. We want to help, we want to volunteer, we want to work together! 

It's AWESOME being able to communicate with so many of you and so many 4x4 clubs across the country using ham. Just keep in mind we're not the only people using these frequencies and this is not CB. Communication needs to be a bit more formal and things are done a little differently on ham vs CB, not a lot different, just different.

I know some of you grumble when we talk ham radio, but it's a major deal in being able to effectively communicate over large distances. We're talking about it a lot because it's new to our Association and want to get the right info out. We want to use these tools correctly and frankly, we DON'T want to piss off the clubs, people who own the equipment, and those who would be responding to us in the event of an emergency. 

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

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