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The Evolution of the Trail Ambassador Program


Some of you may have seen how we're getting volunteers together under our Trail Ambassador program. I want to take a few minutes to explain how this system is evolving and is being used to make more trail riding opportunities. It's our hope to provide educational services like this to Trail Ambassadors, members, and the general public. 

Over the course of one year in the Trail Ambassador program under Division 2 (4x4), we've quickly improved the class, vests, verbiage, and are making it easier to understand and use. The Trail Ambassador program is run by the NOHVIS group that our family runs here in the office and offers classes for ATV,UTV, and now RL4WDs. It's a great curriculum that's recognized by government, land managers, tourism and as the word spreads, and more Ambassadors are trained, it's allowing us to work with more folks, which helps us with trail development and public awareness. We started the Trail Ambassador program back in 2001 so next year it'll celebrate it's 20th year helping build and keep riding areas! 

If Ambassadors have formal training with law enforcement, military, or firefighting there's even a Trail Ambassador program that works with Wisconsin Emergency Management where Ambassadors can report in and respond to public emergencies. Having lifted 4x4s in the mix allows greater rescue options for officials and it can save lives at home and on the trail. 

Below are some images of the first year of classes. We're really ramping up classes for 2020 so if you'd like to sign up for one, join the group https://rl4wd.com/groups/207-tgatraining to stay up to date with upcoming classes and training. Keep in mind, Trail Ambassadors also do their own training and refresher courses as well! 

It's our hope to keep growing the Trail Ambassador program so that together, we can all work together on trail use, public safety, and keeping riding areas healthy and growing!  

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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

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