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Request to Join the Wisconsin Governor's State Trails Council


I've been going to the Wisconsin Governor's State Trails Council meetings for a while now, and would like the opportunity to represent the 4X4 community in Wisconsin. We need to get more involved with Wisconsin Government and Legislation and as clubs take over the local events for RL4WD, I can now make that change. 

Here's a past blog from one of the State Trails Council meetings for reference - https://rl4wd.com/blog/stcnovermber18 

I have to edit the 2020 VIP ride video and blog post yet, but here's the 2019 VIP ride where we brought in Legislators and Tourism - https://rl4wd.com/blog/wi-vip-ride-2019 

As you can see, I like doing this type of thing and would like to increase this activity for 2021 and beyond. Again, that all is now possible because the Trail Ambassadors are forming clubs and doing rides. The members' activity has to be appeased first and foremost, now that Trail Ambassadors and clubs are doing that, I can do more paper pushing. 

In order to be considered, I need your support so I can send it in with my application. Below, please fill out the petition so we can make this change a reality! Now, this doesn't confirm I'll be accepted, and even if I'm not, I'll still be working to better 4x4 recreation in the state. Again, thanks for your comments and support! 

WI Recreational 4X4 Trail Program 2020 Update
March 16th 2020 Updates


Ryan Harden on Monday, 24 August 2020 09:35
Application Sent

Over 50 responses! Thank you! The application has been sent in today.

Over 50 responses! Thank you! The application has been sent in today.
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Friday, 22 January 2021

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