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Make It Happen Or We Fail

Make It Happen Or We Fail

The topic came up today that we're hosting a lot of Trail Ambassador things and not many member rides. This is true. The chapters are organizing and working to bring you quality rides from crawling to overlanding, it just takes time. If you want things to happen faster, join your local club and make it happen faster. Get involved, go to the meetings, join the groups on rl4wd.com so you get a ding when something happens. https://rl4wd.com/community/groups

Usually about this time I'm freaking out trying to schedule member rides, training, and juggling multiple jobs. Most of you who know me, know it ends up burning me out. I wasn't going to make it to 45 years old at the rate I was going. Things had to change, I can't do it all, but feel the overwhelming pressure to appease all the riders, all the members, all the clubs with all of the different types of events...

The state of the world changed my outlook on life and to cherish the moments we have with our loved ones. The true evil in the world is now running rampant and I just don't have the ambition to run events every weekend anymore. Trying to train as many people as possible to take the reigns and power to make events, meet-ups, all the things needed for this to fly. Honestly, right now, I'm very pessimistic about the current state of affairs in this nation politically and socially, because I have to pay attention to it so we can get more public trails.

The power to connect and ride is within all of us. I'm doing the best I can to rework the website, add to the directory, come up with fun events... but really... my faith in people is so badly broken right now, healing is tough for many of us. Personally, I miss hosting weekly rides, but it turns me into this stress monster... we had more rides than any other 4x4 group by far in Wisconsin, a lot of it was because we wanted to make sure there was something going on every weekend, but I can only push so far.

I/We will train hundreds of Trail Ambassadors, Trail Spotters, and Trail Guides this year, and eventually, we'll have more trainers, more guides, more chapters, and more rides, but this is a year of transition and it's left this gaping hole where there would otherwise be the stuff I would try to host. Really, my soul is tired of bad people and... just trying to do what can be done within the limits of the strength left.

I'm sorry for letting some of you down and not hosting more things. I'll try and do more rides if I can but the website is total garbage, the videos all need to be redone, the training all needs to be updated... it's 2 full-time jobs worth of volunteering + Training, plus rides, plus marketing, plus the legislation minus a lack of members... we'll pull through this somehow. The only thing that makes this work is each other. I've been very hard on some people in the 4x4 industry for their lack of movement over the many years before we started this, that wasn't right to do, but it happened. RL4WD doesn't settle for "2-3 events a year" we tackle hard issues, we open properties, er build what others won't. It's hard work, it's many times thankless work, but we do it. Thank your leaders and help out. Join your local 4x4 clubs, be part of the solution instead of sitting behind your screen complaining there's nothing to do.

Jam on the directory, download the lame selection of maps we have, and review those... it's not much but it's something. Say in the review "this is just a dumb gravel road, it's not a trail, we want a trail" that's OK. Give these things bad reviews if they are snoozeville. I designed this directory to give riders the power to express how they feel and what they want to see. I take your reviews and show land managers, sponsors, politicians, tourism your thoughts, suggestions, and wishes.

Ignore the hate, be part of the solution, use your head when riding, and help out to make more fun stuff to do. The passion to make things happen, starts with you. 

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Albert Simmons on Sunday, 21 March 2021 21:42

It's sad when everyone wants to play but very few do the work to make it possible.

It's sad when everyone wants to play but very few do the work to make it possible.
Derek Paupore on Tuesday, 13 April 2021 20:15

Great post. What about adding a volunteer tab to the top of the site?

Great post. What about adding a volunteer tab to the top of the site?
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