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 It's been a while since I've written a blog post, lots has happened! New and exciting things are around the corner and 2022 is going to be a FANTASTIC year for 4X4's in the Upper Midwest! I've been busy working on our new site, Americas' Trails and want to thank all of you who've joined me in designing this new program. We've learned a lot as...
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Make It Happen Or We Fail

The topic came up today that we're hosting a lot of Trail Ambassador things and not many member rides. This is true. The chapters are organizing and working to bring you quality rides from crawling to overlanding, it just takes time. If you want things to happen faster, join your local club and make it happen faster. Get involved, go to the meeting...
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Road Legal 4WD WI Discord Server

Have you ever heard of Discord? Unless you are involved in an online gaming community or possibly a different online group you probably have never heard of it! Discord describes itself as "Discord is for anyone who could use a place to talk with their friends and communities." Primarily used for gaming this online tool has been becoming more popula...
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New Chapters, New Park, Social Media Problems

 This vlog discusses many updates from the past week, some good, some not so good... 

Wisconsin has a lot of Public Off-Pavement 4X4 Trails and Routes

There are thousands of miles of 4X4 trails in Wisconsin
Happy New Year! You heard that right, despite people always complaining that Wisconsin doesn't have any 4X4 trails, over the last 3 years of scouting and mapping, I can say, without question, Wisconsin has some very exciting overlanding and slow speed trails that are open to the public. So why don't you know about these trails? Because the Wis...
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2021 Home Office Update 12.17.20

I've been trying to push rides and events really hard while also trying to work days, nights, and weekends to make this thing successful. These last few weeks of solid events and rides had me missing a lot of family time, editing time, website work time, etc. While it's the most fun part of what we do... I'm missing my son's (extremely limited) bas...
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WI Recreational 4X4 Trail Program 2020 Update

Public Trail Program for Wisconsin
As the Road Legal Four Wheel Drive Association, we're working on expanding recreational opportunities for Road Legal Four Wheel Drives and all 4X4's past that. We've hosted multiple VIP rides and talk with many legislators, clubs, and associations to try and figure out the best way to get a program started. We want to address a public trail pr...
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Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Thanks to Wrangler Riders and their Jeep groups, The Jeep Guys, For all The Right Reasons Foundation and Hales Corners Lutheran Church for helping us make a sizable donation to those who need it down in Houston. Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 hurricane as it approached land dumping over 51 inches of rain in and around Houston, Texas. The storm h...
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Request to Join the Wisconsin Governor's State Trails Council

I've been going to the Wisconsin Governor's State Trails Council meetings for a while now, and would like the opportunity to represent the 4X4 community in Wisconsin. We need to get more involved with Wisconsin Government and Legislation and as clubs take over the local events for RL4WD, I can now make that change.  Here's a past blog fro...
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March 16th 2020 Updates

I've worked through the weekend to finish all the 501c3 donation packets being made and sent out from Feb. New hoodies, hats and shirts are in and will be added to the store once I have them done up for the videos and pictures for each listing. Right now Eric is screening the next batch of shirts that were out of stock for membership packets. I'm w...
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