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State Trails Council Meeting July 26th, 2019

​I had the pleasure of filling in for Luana Schneider , our WI4x4 rep, at the July WI  State Trails Council meeting which was held at 10 am at the Waupaca County Courthouse. For those that don't know,  The Wisconsin Governor's State Trails Council (STC) was created by statute 15.347(16) in 1989. The STC  provides advice and cons...
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Member blogs are now active!

The RL4WD site is being designed to give members the ability to write, share, and learn. One of the powerful features is our blogs. Here, premium members can write or show reviews, share their riding adventures and more.  While writing adventures isn't for everyone, for those who want to do this, now it's an option! 
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WI VIP Ride 2019

Our first ever VIP ride is in the books! We had a fantastic time showing lawmakers, tourism and DNR officials what Road Legal 4WD recreation is about, how Slow Speed Trails work, and objectives we want to accomplish. Ultimately, the end goal is to have a public trail program for RL4WD's and other 4x4's in Wisconsin. A RL4WD program would help&...
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National Forest Week July 8th - 14th

 Many of our 4x4 trails, waypoints, routes, and tours are in the national forests. Without them, we'd have far fewer places to enjoy trails. Let's work together to help promote this amazing week with photos in the woods tagged with #NationalForestWeek in our social media.  Most people just don't know that we own the national forests ...
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Trail Update 5.22.19

 The last few weeks have been filled with lots of awesome contacts, work being done, some movement of events, and more. Watch the vlog and comment below on your thoughts!  We're gearing up to finish the mapping system, streamline the website, finish producing our 2020 production videos for each page, kick off the online learning and more....
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April 2019 Update

As we head into the coming riding season, the warm weather is very much anticipated after a long winter. This winter gave us unprecedented snows, rain and flooding. As such, we had to cancel a few events and move some things to accommodate the extra moisture. Our next ride is scheduled on April 20th where we'll be taking upwards of 25 rigs through ...
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Vehicle Equipment Guide

Fire Extinguisher   Every rig out on the trail should have some basic equipment to aid you in the event something happens on the trail. While there are thousands of options for many types of products, we're going to attempt to highlight some of the basics to get started with. You'll see the products we'd recommend you take a look at via Amazon...
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Winch Cycle Reminder

The winch is one of the most commonly neglected accessories of the 4x4. Most folks who have a winch tend to install it and forget it. Every 30-60 days, you'll want to cycle your winch if it hasn't been used to test and heat up the winch to help burn out any condensation that may be gathered during normal driving.  As you can guess, moisture an...
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VDay VLOG 2/14/2019 Updates

Happy Valentines Day! Thought it would be a good day to do a little update on things we've been doing. Getting ready for an amazing 2019!  Trail Guide Ambassadors are getting into this system this week, I'll then be making training videos and documents to help guides make events, submit points and badges, help promote, etc. We have a great tea...
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Trail Guide Ambassadors | Hosting Rides

 Trail Guide Ambassadors within the Road Legal 4WD Assoc. Will host many different types of rides. Our first training session is coming up in a few days and I wanted to take little bit of time to explain this exciting opportunity. First, let's discuss the problem that we needed to solve. In many 4x4 groups, you have rides, but very few will po...
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