Saturday, 27 March 2021
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The Jeep wave.
Where did it come from?

Who did it first?
Here is the answer.
The Jeep was built during WW2 to aid in the
movement of troops, supplies and equipment
across rugged terrainThousands of these
vehicles were made and when the war ended
many of these Jeep's were brought back to the
states and were put to use by veterans of the
While driving a Jeep down a road and coming
towards another Jeep, most likely being driven
by a WW2 veteran each person would pay their
respect towards one another holding up two
fingers as a sign of a V which stood for Victory
when WW2 ended.
Over the years unfortunately Jeep owners
thought it was just something that other Jeep
owners did as a way to just say hi to each other.
So, the next time you're driving down the road
and do the Jeep wave to another Jeep owner
coming at you remember that this all started by a
bunch of great people who served our country
when we needed them most. unnamed.jpg
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2 weeks ago
I don’t think it’s “unfortunately”. I think every Jeep owner knows it’s service history, and that their driving a descendant of an American war machine. IDK about anyone else, but that in and of itself brings me a lot of pride. When the guys came home from war with their jeeps and waved to each other it was a sign of Camaraderie. That much hasn’t changed.
I had to be told about the wave, and might not have known how/why it started, but it still carries the same acknowledgement of #jeeplife from one jeeple to another 👍🏻😊❤️
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