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  4. Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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Sold the big camper for an overlanding camper that can be hauled on the trails during our adventures. Picking it up in chippewa falls this Saturday and will report more as the season progresses.

I like the all aluminum frame like they use on their big car trailers and race trailers. This is the most feature packed overlanding trailer at half the cost of other trailers in this segment.

Mods planned:

Diesel heater
Generac 3500 generator
Tankless water heater
Lock and roll or equivalent torsion hitch
Add a room tent or maybe the rtt...

This guy has done a lot of mods and seeing what was possible, that sold me.

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Ryan Harden
Trail Ambassador
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Successful test tonight. Almost zero outside and 70 inside running just the electric heater in the air conditioner unit.

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